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Eva Khoo is a HRDC Accredited Trainer, Certified Professional Trainer and personal stylist who has spent more than a decade in the training and cosmetic industry. She has conducted and facilitated hundreds of professional grooming sessions with multinational corporations such as St Regis, Assunta Hospital, and INTI International Universities. With knowledge equip from AICI Image Consultant course and over 10 years experience working with colours, Eva wants to help more clients elevate their look by aligning their personality through conscious dressing. She believes dressing with purpose can help achieve professional and personal goals.

Eva consciously creates a complete visual look for her clients to save them time and money, at the same time looking effortlessly good. She is aware that the style and colour of dressing is the instant language to communicate in this fast pace era. Thus, as a personal stylist, Eva helps create a high return on investment wardrobe that suits her clients’ lifestyle & profession strategically.

Eva partners with an experienced transformation coach, together with a mindset and productivity coach to incorporate science and psychology of dressings in her services. By understanding and accepting ourselves, we can now express our authenticity and uniqueness through dressings. Every individual is unique, so Style yourself Uniquely and Confidently; today, tomorrow and always!


Have you experienced people saying

“Your makeup and outfit does not match.”

“This haircut looks old for you.”

“What? You spent half of your monthly income getting this?”

“Why are you overdressing for a working day?”

Understanding yourself is the key to build an efficient wardrobe. By knowing your inner self, your character, your work identity, your lifestyle, you can align and express yourself through your outfit, be it the choice of colours, cutting, quality of fabric or choice of pattern. People have different opinions on "how you should style yourself", and that's okay. This makes the world interesting.

Eva partners with an experienced transformation coach and mind coach to help you to discover your inner self and achieve your personal brand goal. yourself and how others want to present themselves can vary, as long as it reflects or reinforces who you are, how authentic you are.

My Services

Self confidence is the best outfit. When you apply your most flattering colour palette in your dressings and makeup, you instantly become the focus, look more stunning and have that extra boost of confidence. Discover the science of colours and psychology of makeup with Eva now!

You only have one chance at making a first impression, so make it a good one. Knowing your power colours prepare you for many occasions, helps you get ready to make new connections, to make a sale or form a long lasting impression! Find out how you can apply your power colours NOW!

Do you look at the cuttings, fabrics, and pay attention to the lengths for the outfits you want to buy? It makes a lot of difference if you aim to look taller, slimmer,  and more classy. Discuss further details with Eva.

Fashion fades, style is eternal” Yves Saint Laurent once said. Fashion changes every season, style reflects an individual’s inner self, uniqueness and individuality. By understanding your goal and lifestyle, Eva unlocks the secrets of how to dress for your own uniqueness with a style that is authentic to you.

“Consciously selecting the basics you need, and donating those that don’t is so therapeutic & rewarding,” says Eva. Not only decluttering helps you clear a space of your wardrobe, your mind as well. Join Eva for this session and find out what are the “side effects” you get after you decluttered.

You can get anything you want when you have all the money with you. However, not all of us want to spend all our money on shopping for clothes. Learn from Eva how you can maximize your budget based on the to-buy-list you have planned with her. “Is easy to fall into the prey of marketing when you do not know yourself,” says Eva. Indeed, knowledge is power.


Khor Yan Ling

transformation coach

Eva is a professional image consultant. She provides professional service and advice to her client. She has well delivered her colour skills for her client to understand better. I get to understand my own colour tone and it's easy for me to match outfits for different occasions.

Umi Nabila


First time meeting Ms Eva and consulting my image with her indeed helped me to improve myself a lot. A session with her changed my life 360°. She gave me detailed advice and tips that fit my career life as well as align with my religion & culture. I'm really satisfied with my session with her and surely Ms Eva will be the first person for me to reach out for my personal branding and image in the future!

Methene Ganesan


I really enjoyed Ms Eva’s approach and work! She has a vast understanding of colour and style and what suits you best. She also taught me a lot about how to use makeup and what would look best on me! She has instantly improved my style and confidence! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a total makeover!

Area of Expertise!

Eva is expert in colour theory, colour combination, colour psychology and make it relevant and applicable to you.

Dress authentic, dress with intention and consciousness, dress like YOU & nobody else!

Keep yourself up-to-date with Eva for beauty and fashion insights.

Eva helps clients to improve their closet by cutting out what are no longer functional nor fit their lifestyle. Everyone loves stress-free space!

Spring Summer 2021 Colour Trend

My Three Minute On-The-Go Makeup Tricks

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