The 5 Must-Have Casual Items for Every Men

The 5 Must-Have Casual Items for Every Men

The 5 Must-Have Casual Items for Every Men

Hi there! Here's the first style blog for the gentleman. In a lot of websites there are up to twenty must have items; however, I summarized it into the list below and you are more than welcome to add on the additional staple pieces of yours! This is the guideline for gentleman who aims to be minimalist as you can, so let's get started:

#1 Non Collar Shirts

The two popular non collar shirts that are suitable for casual settings include T shirts and Henley shirts. Many would go for t shirt as it can match with many choices such as well tailored blazer, dark wash jeans or in a pair of carefully chosen shorts, By pairing it with your favourite sunglasses, belt, watch or sneaker and you are good to go. T shirts for men comes in wide range of prints and fit: relaxed, crew neck, graphic, stripes, workwear pocket, v neck and many more.

Depending on the weather and what you pair it with, Henley shirts match well with any jackets such as denim jacket and biker jacket, or you can always wear it under a flannel shirt. The only differences between these two non collar shirts are Henley shirts has a more interesting details which is the three to five buttons and it is a heavier fabric hence it can drapes better. Of course, if you are wearing Patek Phillippe Grandmaster Chime or Rolex Daytona Unicorn, roll up the sleeves can help emphasis on the accessories you wear. Also, a tips on how to mix and match; if you have lots of printed t shirts, pick patterned jacket to pair; vice versa if you have printed Henley shirt or t shirts, choose a plain blazer and jacket to go with.

#2 Collar Shirts

Collar tops that are common for the men are polo tee, button up and Hawaiian shirts. You can find polo tee easily in almost any brands: Levi's, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Fred Perry, Cotton On and many more. The key thing to buy a fitted polo tee is to make sure it does not hug your frame, nor having the extra fabric that you can fit another shirts underneath. As for Hawaiian shirts, you can find them in brands like Barney Cools, Tommy Bahama, Onia and Urban Outfitters

Pictures below show the relaxed fit button up shirt, there are also Classic fit (or Traditional Fit), Regular Fit and Slim Fit. As for the prints choose what speaks about your personality: plaid and stripes for classic style; natural shades and textured fabrics for natural style; florals and soft silky fabrics for romantic style; bright and striking colour combinations or prints for dramatic style.

#3 Outerwear

Different types of jackets can help men dress in style and dress right for occasions. Biker jacket, parka, pea coat, shearling jacket, trench coat and Crombie coat are a little too hot for Malaysia weather; hence can try flight jacket, or commonly known as bomber jacket, denim jacket, Harrington jacket, hooded jacket, track jacket that's very lightweight or trucker jacket, which is the type of jackets with button front and double breast pockets for a weekend meet ups. Find inspirations from pictures shown below:

#4 Versatile Bottoms

What are your go-to pants when your friends want to hang out with you? Something comfortable and presentable just in case they want to take a picture and upload it on social media correct? I highly recommend a pair of quality jeans that fit you well so you can use it for a long run, from travelling to gathering to dress down Fridays!

If you already have jeans and want to look for something else to complement your casual shirts; khakis, chinos or shorts can work. Khakis are straight legged and normally have cuffs at the bottom hem while chinos have tapered legs and have the option of cuffed or uncuffed. If you want to choose only one that can use for both work and leisure, I suggest khakis because of its colour choices and cuttings. For non-traditional colours such as olive green, retro orange, violet chinos are available in the market that are normally not acceptable at workplace.

Not forgetting shorts that you can wear at the beach, by the pool and on the boats. So what kind of shorts you should get? Definitely not running nor swimming shorts because they are too short (typically 3 inch inseam). Longer shorts that has 9 inch inseam or maximum 10 inch inseam such as Bermuda short, flat front khakis and Madras shorts would be the ideal shorts the gentleman can go for as it looks formal compared to the short ones.

#5 Accessories

Last but not least, accessories! From the bag you carry, watch, sunglasses, bracelet, rings and footwear; it shows how much you care for the details. If you are lazy to style or having a bad hair day, a baseball cap is your rescue. A black or brown casual leather belts would be a nice touch when you are pairing it with your chinos, khakis or jeans that were mentioned earlier. Shoes like sneakers are very functional, practical and comfortable hence widely accepted by gentleman; for dressier and cooler look, loafers and espadrilles are the choice.

What about the watches? There are at least ten different styles ranging from pilot watch, digital watch, railroad watch to dress watch and which one matches your outfits? For casual settings I would suggest aviator's watch, dive watch or any sports watch as they are durable, sleek and can be dressy.

Here's the end of this short article, do share this information to your connections who needs a wardrobe revamp:

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