The 9 Biggest Fashion Trends on 2022

The 9 Biggest Fashion Trends 2022

The 9 Biggest Fashion Trends 2022

Pandemic restrictions are lifted and people are wanting to go for vacation and gatherings. We have been so comfortable wearing the oversized jacket and is hard to leave them. Now that you are meeting in person, are you lost on the trends but wanting to stay stylish? Check out these nine trends that are a big hit in 2022!

#1 Everyday Athleisure

#2 Cut Out

Cut out trend has started since 2021 and this year is getting more popular and more daring. Noticed the position of cut out elicit the femininity and sexuality in dresses, jeans, cropped jacket, bikini or the back. Brands like Valentino, Elie Saab and Versace has the cut outs in their runway, just the placement and finishing differ. Versace took it to another level by making the lines curvy and finished with beads and sequins. Alexander McQueen’s is famous of their cut-out blazer and high street brands like Zara and Mango also has these cut-out jumpsuits, dresses and knit top.

#3 Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves or otherwise known as Juliet sleeves features a large puff near the shoulder and is an on going trend ever since 2020 with a subtle twist this year. There are many versions of puff sleeves you can try on: puff sleeve corset top, puff sleeve cable knit jumper, puff sleeve turtleneck sweater, puff sleeve wrap blouse, puff sleeve organza dress and many more. With this little extra details, you can look romantic, regal and fashion-forward!

#4 Bold & Bright

By now you have noticed shopping centers are full of bold and bright colours clothing; from yellow to hot pink to bright green to royal blues; from suits to dresses to bags and to shoes. Some people find these bright colours intimidating, don't! Find out your contrast and whether you suit muted colours more or bright colours or mixture of these. If bright colours outfits make you look tired or less energetic, try using bold colours away from your face like watch stripes or bags. Like I always say, know yourself! Trend isn't for everyone, style is.

#5 Genderless Dressings

Genderless dressings are the clothes designed without any specific gender in mind. For example, males wearing pearl, off shoulder pink top, floral prints or maxi skirt like the icon Harry Styles or Jared Leto. Female celebrities that nail this unisex fashion are Ruby Rose with her leather jacket and oversized tee with distressed jeans style; Kristen Stewart with her white summer Chanel suit in Cannes 2018 and her matching crop top with shorts look with her girlfriend; Zendaya and Tilda Swinton with their oversized and cifonelli or known as the pagoda suit. There are common high street genderless fashion too such as combat boots, knitted vest and oversized blazer style introduce for the ladies and the bow blouse and the tank top introduce to the gentleman.

#6 Pearlcore

Long time ago pearls are only associated with the royalties and the aristocrats. Today, this timeless silky smooth-hard gemstone are widely popular from apparel to accessories. "The luminosity of pearls capture the light and gave a flattering glow to the skin and eyes," says Coco Chanel.

Brands like Giorgio Armani, Giambattista Valli, Valentino, Christian Dior, Simone Rocha, Balmain and Tom Ford are producing their unique pieces to grab audiences' attention during the runway. Celebrities and politicians such as Jennifer Lopez, Jackie Kennedy, Amanda Gorman, Barbara Lee, Jaden Smith, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas and many more are incorporating this trend into their styles. Style it the way you like, make it a statement piece, choose the pearl embellishment collar or sleeves, shoes with pearl decoration; no matter how, pearls are here to stay.

#7 Crochet

Crochet from the 70's are back! This time is more colourful and versatile I would describe. Range from crochet bucket hat, bikini top, vest layer, summer sweater, cut-out dresses, kaftan, hairband to crochet halter top. If you are looking for high end crochet fashion pieces, I would recommend Cult Gaia, Missoni and Farm Rio. Otherwise, Cotton On, Zara and Mango are the go-to if you like crochet fashion.

#8 Micro-mini Skirt

Harper Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, W magazine and famous Refinery 29 are all reporting this trend, micro-mini skirt. What are the differences between the 2000s' and current micro mini skirt? The one thing you may noticed is that current mini skirt doesn't have the sexual appeal or femininity as much as before, no visible thong strings; but more like telling the world that this is a sense of power and you are dressing it this way because you like it. You might wonder since when micro-mini skirt is a come back? It all started from Miu Miu who first reintroduce this style end of 2021 with khaki shorts, denim and pleated fabrics. This trend followed by KNWLS with leather fabric, Christian Cowan checked print and tweed fabric, LaQuan Smith low slung mini skirt and many brands more. How short do you want to go for? Your choice!

#9 Masculine Accessories

This year you will see a lot of thick chains as accessories (opposite of elegant pearls), elevated loafers and ankle boots, headscarf just like how a men style themselves. Something that is catching my eyes is 'ta-da!' the clog. I am not so sure who will wear clog for friends' gathering but I must say 'You Are Brave'!

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