Giving Back to the Community

Eva has been beneficial from the knowledge taught by a NGO she volunteers named Science and Wellness Organization. In order to support SWO’s mission, Eva actively seeks for donations of cash to support SWO projects. SWO’s projects include income and job creation, disease prevention, health and community advancement. She believes helping people who are in need through SWO’s practical solutions will be one less thing they have to worry about. Thus, Eva invites you to give a helping hand here.

Humanity Knows No Boundaries - Founder of SWO, Mr. Arul

With varieties of skin care available in the market, Eva chose to apply 100% handmade COSMIC spray by SWO to revitalize, rejuvenate and protect the skin from harmful radiation emitted from electronic devices. There are two essential minerals included in this product which are MICA & BISCHOFITE.

Benefits of COSMIC spray are:
- Repair DNA cell damage from radiation exposure
- Block UV rays
- Anti Wrinkles
- Treats Inflammation &
- Moisture and Hydrate the Skin.

Please note that the COSMIC spray DOES NOT contain chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and harmful chemicals.