My Three Minute On-The-Go Makeup Tricks

My Three Minute On-The-Go Makeup Tricks

Three minutes seems short, but is long enough for a simple and presentable makeup. Some of us have been putting on makeup for 3, 5, 10 years or even longer, we are familiar with our features, which part of the eyebrow needs more strokes, where to apply blusher, and how we can quickly blend our foundation and make sure it is even. Makeup beginner? This article is for you too! I will explain why I choose particular items and where you can get them. No matter if you are a student or working adults, you can use the same techniques while purchasing new cosmetics, and consider using these simplified steps for your next on-the-go makeup.



“Eva, there are liquid foundation, mineral power foundation, CC cream, how do I know which one suits me?” I get this question a lot, and the answer is “Depends on your current skin condition, and the finishing you want it to be, matte or glowing.”

Let's start with the popular choice, CC cream. CC cream serve multiple purposes, from giving colour correcting effects such as diminish the look of blemishes and redness, to instantly illuminate the skin and offer sun protection (SPF). I love the feeling of CC cream on my skin because it is so lightweight and breathable. CC cream can be easily applied by a brush, sponge or hands. There are many colour choices available in the market too from ivory to beige to tan and to deep. For example, Lancôme UV Expert Mineral Sunscreen CC Cream SPF 50 and Chanel Super Active Complete Correction SPF 50 has 5 shades to choose from, whereas Osmosis Beauty CC cream has 6 shades and Supergoop! mineral CC cream has 15 shades to choose from.

Tips: Look for the word 'non-comedogenic' it means the foundation would not clog the pores.

Liquid foundation typically provides more coverage and last longer than CC cream, widely use in special occasions like weddings and photoshoot. It comes with choices for all skin types from dry to combination to oily skin. It would be a plus point if you know you belong to the cooler skin undertone category or warmer skin undertone category so you can make the right purchase. Blue-based foundation suits cooler skin undertone people and yellow-based foundation suits warmer skin undertone people. If you have not done any personal colour analysis for the past 18 months, is time! Putting the right foundation helps you look natural and more energetic. In Sephora itself there are many brands you can choose from, Fenty Beauty has 50 shades of foundations, Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF 50 Foundation has 29 shades, MAC itself has 18 shades to select from.

*Rule of thumb: Choose foundation under the natural or white light instead of yellow light for accuracy purpose.

Lastly, mineral powder foundation does the same function as CC cream and liquid foundation: to cover imperfections and even out skin tone. Generally mineral powder foundation suits more people due to these three ingredients that are absent in it: artificial dye, bismuth oxychloride and perfumes. It is advisable for people who have oily skin to apply mineral powder as it helps set the make up and gives a translucent effect. The only downfall if you apply mineral foundation solely is that the colour will turn one tone darker after oxidised.

To summarize, my opinion of the best foundation for a go to makeup is CC cream as it is perfect to give a 3-in-1 effect of conceal, glowing skin and sun protection.


Mascara for Lashes and Eyebrow

Eye brow is THE MOST IMPORTANT feature that everyone needs to master. Having a bushy eyebrow is a plus point, just have to trim it nicely to look neat. However, if you are born with less eyebrows or choose not to draw eyebrows, you would look funny due to disproportional. Eyebrows are the most prominent facial features to help frame the shape of our face and eyes. With the well groom eyebrow, it can allow facial balance and alter our face shape depending on how archly we draw the eyebrow.

How we match our brow colour is by matching our hair. If you have warmer tone hair colour like Warm Brunette and Mixed Auburn in the picture below, go for brunette colour brow pencil. If you have cooler tone hair colour like Raven or Chestnut colour in the picture below, go for dark brown or black colour brow pencil. Does it means every time you change hair colour, you need to look for matching eyebrow pencil? Yes, that's right!

For mascara, I would suggest everyone to use waterproof mascara to prevent mascara smudging under our eyes. It is tricky because even waterproof mascara smudges. However, you may try applying an extra layer of lash primer before applying mascara, to reduce the chances of smudging. Also, make sure you apply mascara layer by layer slowly, to avoid lashes becoming clumpy. For easier application and precise coat, opt for a skinny brush instead of a bigger brush.

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Lipstick is always the first thing most women buy and one is not enough! Lipstick helps add a pop of colour in the makeup and often complete the look. If you have dry lips, I suggest you avoid matte lipstick because typically, the formulation for matte lipstick is more wax and less oil, which is extremely drying for the lips. Ariana Grande’s makeup artist Daniel Chincilla mentioned in :”Matte lipstick does not glide smoothly on dry lips, and you can see the lips look like cracking due to the texture. Similar to matte lipstick, lip tint also has the same effect but you can be selective when it comes to these two options, opt for the makeup brand that adds moisturizing ingredients in their matte lipsticks or lip tints series. Anyone who has dry and chapped lips can go for lipsticks and lip glosses as there are more waxes and oil in the ingredients. If you have moisturized lips, you can go for lip tint and matte lipsticks. Last but not least, if you have sensitive lips, try non-colour pigmentation lip balm to protect your lips and it should work fine. However, it works case by case. Choosing the lipstick that helps brighten your skin tone is a skill, not a magic. Whether you belong to the cooler colour family, warmer colour family, or neutral colour family, there are plenty of lipstick choices you can try on and see which one suits you best. Applying the right colour of lipsticks help us look more energetic, our skin is brighter and facial features are enhanced. On the other hand, applying colours that do not compliment you makes you look tired, skin duller, dark circle and pigmentation look more obvious.

Below is the example of which red lipstick suits for cooler tone skin and warmer tone skin:

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