Back to Basics: 9 Wardrobe Essentials for Everyday Look

Back to Basics: 9 Wardrobe Essentials for Everyday Look

This lockdown slower most of our pace and allow us to spend more time tidying our wardrobe. FINALLY! Whatever we learnt from Marie Kondo are now put into practice. Writing this article is one of the requests from many and here I am sharing the 9 wardrobe essentials for anyone who wants to recreate or rebuild a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

#1 White T-shirt

There are more than hundred ways to style a plain white t shirt; with a hat, dangling earrings, simple zodiac necklace, a pair of sunglasses, classic scarf, or layer it up with denim jacket, cardigan or over a dress. It is so versatile that I believe all of us have at least one white t shirt in the wardrobe. Of course, taking colours and body shapes into consideration, you might have other neutral shirts like black or beige colour. Fair enough, if I have a broader shoulder than bottom I probably will only have black t-shirt in my wardrobe too. Most importantly, get a quality cotton shirt so it doesn’t see through and consider getting a sustainable cotton shirt made with eco-friendly and recycled fabrics to restrict the use of chemical products and also saves water and energy.

#2 Jeans

#3 Coat

Choosing a blazer, kaftan, or coat has a lot to do with your personality and style. Below are the 5 categories I will be sharing: Classic Style, Romantic Style, Dramatic Style, Creative Style and Bohemian Style.

#4 White Sneaker

White sneaker is often a go-to choice for any outings or errands that requires some walk. Is also your best friend when you need to go for a date, important function, government sectors, photoshoot or a grocery shopping. The pictures below are the perfect examples on what outfits you can pair the sneaker with!

#5 Button-up Shirt

A good quality button-up shirt can lasts you for years, all you need to do is pairing it with jeans, animal prints shorts, chino pants, or your favourite skirt and voila! You look put together instantly.

#6 Summer Dress

Who doesn't love a right dress? Putting it on, zip and you can walk out from the door. I chose dress as one of the ten wardrobe essentials because it can simply pair with cardigan, denim jacket, style it with a belt, hairband or complimenting earrings and good to go! The only consideration is where you want to show. Collarbone? Long legs? Toned arms? I am sure you don't want to waste your gym time.

#7 Versatile Bottom Half

Couldn't fix into ONE bottom to introduce because there are so many options from just above knee to maxi skirt to cropped pants. Plus, I came across friends that only like to wear pants, so here are few suggestions for you to choose from: linen short pants, belted pastel pink pants, gingham knee-length A line skirt, flowy colourful skirt, biker shorts, black leggings, cuffed hem polka dot pants, stripes pants, African tribal art maxi dress and skinny white jeans.

#8 Summer Shoes

A pair of white sneakers is not enough. What if the shoes are drenched? Is always good to back up and honestly ladies, is there anyone who has less than 2 pairs of shoes? Come back to the topic, which would be your favourite pair of summer shoes? Slide sandals, loafers, strap heels platform sandals or kitten heels?

#9 Signature Piece

The one last item that I personally think will elevate the whole look would be accessories! Because is basic daily look series, hence the layers of accessories and also its' colour choice. Of course, the title is signature piece which means it can be anything that people would relate to you when they see that particular item. Could be your animal prints pouch, or DIY bandana scarf, or a signature piece of jewelries you put on all the time!

I hope this article gives you clear guide on what wardrobe items to add or donate! Do share this information to your connections who needs style guides:

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