Jeans Trends 2021

Jeans Trends 2021

Jeans is one of the wardrobe essentials in my opinion, be it crop flared jeans, stone washed mom jeans, distressed tapered leg jeans or black ribcage jeans. Knowing the denim trends for 2021 can help you to avoid impulsive shopping and plan your functional wardrobe ahead. This article showcases three denim jeans that are popular this year which are wide leg jeans, straight cut jeans, and slim boot cut jeans; together I will show you pictures on what top and shoes that can go with these jeans.

#1 Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are highly in demand after the lockdown worldwide. Consumers are looking for more comfortable jeans to transit from loungewear and wide leg jeans are the perfect ones as it gives more room and flexibility. To clarify, there are six different styles of wide leg pants in the market including culottes, gaucho, palazzo, cropped, tulip and trousers that has similar design with wide legs jeans but different in lengths, cuttings and volume.

So, what define wide leg?

Wide leg jeans are proportional to our waist and hip measurement with at least 20" circumference at the hem. The jeans will start to widen at the waist or hips for a flattering and elongating effect, especially the high waist ones in full length.

Coming back to the main content, I will recommend you to go for cropped or full length wide leg jeans and pair it with camel or black turtleneck, grey hoodies, structured or unstructured jacket and any neutral T shirts you have and/ or layer with cardigan if you have the classic style personality. As for creative style personality, go for two tones wide leg jeans with frayed details or 70's patchwork and pair them with cropped top or denim top. Denim on denim is also a put together look for recent fashion trend. Last style I am going to touch on is Romantic Style. The elements associated with romantic are bell sleeves, polka dots fabric with bishop sleeves, frills and mini floral prints.

As for shoes, you can go for any square-toe ankle boots, classic converse sneakers or mules if you have the height. If you are petite, I would recommend you to choose pointy toe boots or heels to make your legs appear longer.

#2 High Waisted Straight Cut Jeans

To be stylish and modern this year, try putting on a pair of high waisted jeans and feel are you confident wearing this jeans or no. If is a YES, awesome! Glad this sleek look is for you. If is a NO, that's okay, the most important thing is you need to feel good in what you wear. Since you are reading this post, you are most likely wanting to know the denim trends, so let me explain why high waisted or in another term, high rise are the popular choice this year.

The jean rise is the measurement from the waist band to the crotch seam. Pant rise is significant because it determines where your jeans sit, which creates your perceived waistline. Since high waisted jeans is a fit above the belly button, it helps to balance and create a visually more proportional body. Now you know the tips, you know what to try next time!

The pictures above are separated into two categories: Casual Friday work outfits (From first to seventh pictures) and casual looks. if the company you work with allows dress down Friday, pairing this trendy jeans with plain top and blazer, wrap top, denim button down shirt or cashmere top are always chic. Monochromatic outfit is also a no brainer, not only it can creates an illusion of length, wearing the same hues makes getting ready easier and faster too! As for casual outfit, I like how they are style creatively, modestly and romantically. It is up to your personality and whether it gives you the confidence you want in the end of the day!

As for shoes, strappy heals, ballerina flats, animal prints mary janes and sandals, ankle boots, sneakers and pointy wedge boots are all good match!

#3 Slim Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are back to sooth your calves! This 2021 boot cut is slimmer, more structured because of the denim's weight, higher in rise, and just a hint of kick out at the bottom. Do not be mistaken as flare jeans, bootcut jeans has that slight flare but not as drastic. I highly recommend this modern bootcut to all my friends who are looking for new jean addition because it is SO EASY to incorporate with your existing wardrobe. The similarity of slim boot cut with the other two jeans mentioned earlier is the combination of high waisted boot cut and high heels can create the illusion of long legs so definitely a favourite amongst the fashionistas.

As you can see from the pictures, bootcut jeans are very easy to dress down or dress up, with a shoe moment if you like. I am pretty sure I am biased because bootcut is my favourite, but if you do not have any jeans yet, bootcut is that classic piece that I would recommend you to go for. As more on more people appreciate minimalism, I have selected the colours that are very easy to mix and match so you can spend lesser but wiser. I came out with two colours and three colours combination so you can duplicate these colour schemes and search for what suits you best!

  • Dual colours combination : Blue+black, blue+grey, blue+cream, black + cream
  • Triple colours combination:Blue+grey+black, blue+white+black, blue+white+brown, blue+pink+brown, blue+grey+cream, blue+cream+brown, blue+camel+dark brown
  • To match with bootcut jeans, ankle boots, sneakers, peep toe heels, kitten heels, point toe stiletto are the good match.

    I hope this article gives you inspiration on what denim jeans to go for in 2021! I really appreciate if you can share on your social media for this free insights:

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