Wardrobe Management

Part of the perks after managing your wardrobe is that
  • You can access your clothes right away, save time!
  • You have clothes to wear everyday, working day, casual day with your bestie.
  • You know exactly what to mix and match.
  • You will make smarter purchases compared to before because you know it is about the quality, not quantity. Thus, save money.
  • You help save the planet!

Most of us get excited for a wardrobe detox, some crack their head where to start declutter. Easy peasy, first thing first, which closet is your goal? Obviously one gives you calmness and the other one makes you feel anxiety.

Eva helps you to reduce stress by getting rid of the clothes that no longer serve you purpose. She incorporates her knowledge about “Capsule Dressing” into this session to help you organize the closet. If it is necessary she will maximize your wardrobe with accessories. You feel relief, calmer, and have better memories too after this session!

Can’t wait to get Eva to make magic happen for your wardrobe detox? Book her now at info@evakhoo.com