Style Analysis & Recommendation

Who can you think of when it comes to style? Gemma Chan? Jason Momoa? Rihanna? Dua Lipa? Zendaya? They all have their distinctive styles! Style is for both men and women, for anyone who wants to express their inner self to people around them through their outer look. Celebrities are often the style inspiration so let’s see how Victoria Beckham, who is a singer, television personality, and fashion designer styles herself from a highly distinctive monochromatic wardrobe (first five pictures) to modern minimalist over the years:

In this session, Eva will take you through various images to help you determine best top to toe style for you based on your personal goals and lifestyle. In the process of creating your very own Strategic Signature Style LookBook, you can have better understanding, appreciate, and work with the figure you have. This helps you to be more aware why certain fabrics, cutting, prints and accessories look better on you. With the knowledge you have can help you for a lifetime!

Together we will:

  • Achieve your dressing goals
  • Plan outfits that makes you feel more confident and happier
  • Discuss your current wardrobe and create a shopping list if is needed
  • Discard or donate outfits that are no longer your style
  • Mix and match current wardrobe that reflects your personality
  • Elevate your look by using accessories
  • Develop a personalised guide for future reference