Personal Shopper

Before I got into image consultation, whenever there are sales or member day, I spend time queuing to get the best deal not knowing if I need the items for future or not. Now I want to help people who were like me before, both men and women, to shop for what they really need, not getting it just because it is lower price.

What does a personal shopper do?

A professional personal shopper shop for accessories, bags, clothes; everything that can amplify you and your brand. Personal shoppers often have a sense of style and experience in where to shop. You can save your time by hiring Eva to shop for you. She is more than happy to meet you for coffee or virtual appointment to talk further.

Once Eva gets to know you and your goals better, she can either shop alone or shop with you depending on your timing. Her job during shopping is to coach you and explain to you why certain pieces you should invest in, which clothing you should avoid based on your profession and lifestyle. If you have done colour analysis, style analysis, body dimensions analysis and wardrobe makeover before, Eva can explain in detail based on your result from previous analysis.

Eva is reliable for this session as she has good connections with sellers, a passion to look for the best gift/ outfits / accessories for her clients. She is also aware of what are the trends and what goes out of style. With her knowledge in style and fashion, you can definitely be satisfied with the result.

In summary, we will:

  • Have an eye for detail while shopping
  • Shop for clothes that are align with your current needs
  • Pick outfits that makes you feel more confident and happier
  • Purchase accessories that elevate your outfits
  • Save time and money getting items that you will apply after this session