Body Dimension Analysis

Bodies come in all sizes and shapes. This makes all of us a UNIQUE human being. Whether you have a triangle, round, rectangle or inverted triangle body shape, we all hope to dress like an hourglass, which is the ideal body shape for all women. This is especially true when most of the magazine covers are S size models.

In this session, Eva helps identify your body shape and provides you a comprehensive guide for your future reference. She will also show common mistakes so you are aware of what cuttings, tops, pants, dresses, accessories work for your body shape. For example, skinny jeans won’t work for inverted triangle body shape, it will only emphasize the broad shoulders and upper body.

By following Eva’s personalized dressing techniques, you can shop for the outfits that flatter your figure, look more proportional, visually taller in person and in photos. When you streamline the current wardrobe, the struggle of “I have so many clothes but I don't know what to wear” will never happen again!

Below are some examples how you can dress like an hourglass if you have a triangle body shape like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian:

Together we will:

  • Discuss clothes that can accentuate your body shape
  • Create mix and match outfits based on current wardrobe
  • Plan a shopping list to complete the look you want to create
  • List down materials, prints & patterns that suit your body shape
  • Develop a personalised guide according to your body shape