4 Seasons Color Analysis & Makeup Customization

Coco Chanel said: “Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself.” By acknowledging the imperfections we have and accepting it, we are able to showcase our authentic, confident selves. Eva wants to help you discover which season you belong to, and help elevate your look based on your seasonal colour palette. It starts from knowing YOU!

Almost every celebrity and politician apply the science of colours and build their occasional outfits based on the season they belong to, Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn. Why would US Vice President Kamala Harris wear a navy blue suit and white top during her campaign? In colour psychology, the colour blue is often associated with trust, stability, confidence and intelligence. On the other hand, white features equality, wholeness, growth and represents the colour of beginning. What are these two colours telling the voters? Vote Kamala because she is trustable and equal!

Eva can help you plan your wardrobe and makeup based on your goal, profession and lifestyle. Wearing the right colour for your skin undertone really makes you look fresher and accentuate your features, both in important functions and leisure weekends just like the examples of royalties and celebrities below:

Eva also provides tools for you to bring home that can save so much of your time and money, from planning hair colour to outfits to makeup, picking up the right colours for accessories and how to mix and match with the current wardrobe you have.

Together we will:

  • Get your natural colouring explained
  • Plan your everyday look
  • Discover colour options using your existing cosmetics
  • Mix and match outfits based on your colour palette
  • Simplify online and offline shopping
  • Avoid colours that overpower you
  • Develop your personalized colour guide
  • **Only this service is conducted in groups of 10.

    **The rest of the services are conducted in individual or group of 3.