12 Seasons Colour Analysis

Wouldn’t it be great if we know exactly which colours can help us look slimmer, look more professional, or look more approachable? 12 seasons colour analysis can help you with these! It is a comprehensive guide designed to help you figure out what colours are synergy with your natural eyes, hair and skin colour. It is the expansion of the initial 4 seasons colour, and you can utilize this tool to build your entire wardrobe from work, business casual to weekend hangouts without wasting time.

The breakdown of 12 seasons colour analysis would be:

Winter : Bright Winter, Cool Winter, Dark Winter

Spring : Bright Spring, Warm Spring, Light Spring

Summer: Soft Summer, Cool Summer, Light Summer

Autumn: Soft Autumn, Warm Autumn, Dark Autumn

Knowing your seasonal colour palette is a great benefit for both individual and business purposes. It helps you to make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a new headscarf or dying new hair colour, updating makeup, decluttering wardrobe, putting on trendy nail colours combination, even colour theme for wedding, birthday party, open house too! For business wise, you can use the same colour palette to create your personalized name cards, packaging colours, planning your Instagram feed, creating website’s colour scheme, painting your office too! Let’s see an example of a female entrepreneur who looks best in Light Spring category:

Together we will:

  • Discover your power colours
  • Look effortlessly good at all time
  • Adjust your success wardrobe based on your colour palette
  • Update your makeup and hair colours based on your colour palette
  • Be able to recognize and choose your own colour shade while shopping
  • Update your current wardrobe on a budget
  • Develop your personalized colour guide